NK-1100 Fit Union (Non-welded type)

Flexible Metal Hose

NFK's Flexible Metal Hose holds outstanding performance on heat-proof, anti-pressure, seismic-proof, and sudden movements control. This means our Flexible Metal Hose is the most suitable for transmisson plumbings of both the gaseous materials such as air, vapor, gas and the fluids such as water, oil, and chemicals.

NK-1100 Fit Union (Non-welded type)

NK-1100  Fit Union (Non-welded type)
1Union ScrewFCMB、SUS304、C3604、BC
2Union NutFCMB、SUS304、C3604、BC
3PackingNon-Asbestos / Tefron etc.
4MK MetalSS400、SUS304



・This type is equipped with union metal for both ends, which can be splitted into two parts. This feature makes piping easy.
・Due to its non-welded structure, this model holds excellent anti-corrosion property as it is not affected by vibration and the heat of welding.
・This holds outstanding resilience and seismic proof as it adopt highly flexible tube.
・As internal diameter of the tube is large enough, this type has small effect of pressure, easy to secure the smooth flow.


Temperature -20℃~183℃(For the transmission of vapor or high temperature fluid, you have to alter the packings for enhancement.)
Designed Pressure :1.0Mpa
Fluids: Air / Water / Vapor (Packings must be altered.) / Gas / Chemicals
Water Supply⇒NK-1100C
Hot Water Supply⇒NK-1000HW
※Depending on the conditions chemical materials might cause corrosions. Be sure to confirm the Appendix before order.

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