High-performance miniature fittings and premium connectors made of special plastics such as PA, PP, natural PP, PP-EL, PVDF, PVDF-HP, PVDF-EL, PTFE, PTFE-EL, PFA, PFA-HP and PEEK.


Stainless steel connectors accordance with ISO 8434-1/DIN 2353. Include cutting and clamping ring fittings, ball and needle valves, hose couplings


ไดอะแฟรมปั๊ม สำหรับ gas และ liquid (AC, DC motor driven with explosion proof motor available)

Flexible hose and bellow expansion joint

Once a semi-finished fluoropolymer tubing, film and tape company, Polyflon has now expanded into the manufacture of thermoformed tubing & connector assemblies for high purity, high temperature or corrosive environments; finished cleanroom manufactured tubing assemblies and precision tip formed tube components for use in medical/surgical devices and finish punched/cut film and tape products for filtration, sealing and insulating uses. Our core business of thin-wall high performance tubing, however, still remains our biggest strength

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Intelligent connection for fittings, tube unions and valves. Available in different materials and types / PA / PVDF / BRASS / STAINLESS / STEEL


Stainless Steel Fittings and Valves

Vacuum pump for Laboratory and Industry