Flexible metal hose

NFK's Flexible Metal Hose holds outstanding performance on heat-proof,
anti-pressure, seismic-proof, and sudden movements control. This means our Flexible Metal Hose is the most suitable for transmisson plumbings of both the gaseous materials such as air, vapor, gas and the fluids such as water, oil, and chemicals.

Fluorocarbon Polymer Flexible Hose

Our Flurocarbon Polymer is the most suitable for any types of fluids as it holds outstandingly excellent chemical and solvent resistances free from almost any corrosions.

Bellows Expansion Joint

Our Bellows Expansion Joint is utilized as the absorber of expansion-contraction, misalignment, vibration, and for anti-land subsidence and earthquake,caused by the differenece of the temperature of pipings of fire-proof, air-conditioning, sanitary equipments in the arteries of steel, chemical and various industrious plants in which all kinds of gases and fluids including but not limited to air, water, gas, vapor, oil, exhaust are flowed.