Fluorocarbon Polymer Flexible Hose


Heat-resistance Property
Workable in wide temperature range between - 100 Celsius to + 260 Celsius
Anti-Chemicals Performance
Our Flurocarbon Polymer is the most suitable for any types of fluids as it holds outstandingly excellent chemical and solvent resistances free from almost any corrosions.
Its highly non-adhesive body avoids adhesion or clogging of fluids, low frictional resistance and small pressure drop, most suitable for hoses for sticky fluids. It is very easy to wash up the inside.
Different from other synthetic resins, our products never become deteriorated or aged. That means you can use it semipermanently as far as protected from external damages.
Electrical Property
Our Flurocarbon Polymer Flexible Hose holds minimum dielectric constant and dielectric tangent, high dielectric strength,extraordinary large specific resistance, which keep its electrical property unchanged under the wide range of temperature and frequency.