Applied Vacuum Technology

Welch is a leading pump manufacturer of high-quality, durable vacuum products. Our extensive portfolio includes diaphragm pumps, rotary vane pumps, piston pumps and turbomolecular pumps and systems, in addition to a wide range of accessories.

Diaphragm Pumps and System - Dry vacuum pumps and systems for laboratory and industrial applications

Clean operation (oil free), low cost of ownership, highest reliability – these are just a few benefits that customers can appreciate when they use a diaphragm pump for laboratory or industrial applications. With a broad range of diaphragm pumps – ultimate vacuum from 75 to 1 mbar and peak flow rates up to 138 l/min – Welch offers specific pump families and models for a variety of uses.

Rotary vane pumps & systems, Oil-sealed vacuum pump for permanent operation in lab and industrial applications

For more than 65 years, Welch has provided oil-sealed, rotary vane pumps to fulfil customer needs in laboratory and industrial applications. Rotary vane pumps and systems are available as direct and belt-driven versions.

Based on experience, Welch’s direct driven rotary vane pumps are well known for their high water vapor tolerance, which leads to an outstanding reliability for chemical applications. Direct driven rotary vane pumps are available as one and two-stage versions with an ultimate pressure between 0.5 mbar and 2x10-3 mbar with a pumping speed range from 4.6 to 630 m³/h.

Oil-free vacuum pump system for harsh chemical applications

ChemStar® Dry was developed for laboratory operations which require high pumping speed and deep vacuum, such as vacuum manifolds (Schlenk line), freeze dryer, vacuum oven and glove boxes. The system combines a proprietary vacuum blower with patented PTFE diaphragm technology to pump quickly down (150 l/min) to the working range for most evaporative operations (2.0 to 0.1 mbar) with an ultimate pressure of 10-2 mbar.

WOB-L piston pumps

WOB-L piston pumps are reliable dry vacuum/pressure pumps for physical and aqueous vapor applications, where corrosion resistance is not required (not recommended for pumping acidic, basic, or organic fumes).

Scroll pump series

The scroll pump series from Welch have been designed for applications that involve condensable vapors. The integrated gas ballast, combined with the unique vertical shaft technology, ensure that condensates flow easily from the pump chamber through the exhaust port. The gas ballast device ensures the pumping of vapors up to a defined maximum intake pressure.

Turbomolecular pumps & systems

Turbomolecular pumps from Welch are used to generate a high and ultra-high vacuum up to a pressure range of 1x10-10 mbar with an extreme high pumping speed.

Oil diffusion pumps & Systems

Oil diffusion pumps from Welch are used to generate a high and ultra-high vacuum up to a pressure range of 5x10-7 mbar with an extremely high pumping speed. Besides single pumps, Welch also offers complete oil diffusion pump systems.

Aspiration Systems

Compact and portable aspiration/filtration systems with an integrated superior chemical resistant diaphragm pump are used for the safe and precise aspiration of non-flammable chemical, biological and med­ical liquids. They provide a safe transfer of liquid in all sectors of industry and in the laboratory.

Gauges & Controllers

The total range of scientifically useful vacuums extends from approx. 1000 mbar (atmospheric pressure) down to 10-12 mbar – the ultra-high vacuum range. A physical measurement of the whole vacuum/pressure range is not necessary. Particular sensors and gauges must be used for parts of the whole range – rough, high and ultra-high vacuum. These systems are also offered in combination as multi-range vacuum gauges for covering multiple measuring ranges.

Vacuum Network

Netvac+ provides a flexible vacuum for your multi-user laboratory, enabling a precise vacuum readily available for all the users and applications in your lab – all from a single netvac+ installation.